Borne on the vision and dynamism of its leaders, Dubai is growing beyond everyone’s imagination, literally and otherwise. In a few short years, it has blossomed into what is arguably the most rapidly evolving real estate opportunity in the world.

If interest in Dubai ’s real estate market is so spectacular, it is largely because of its liberal trade policies, expanding manufacturing capabilities, rapidly growing foreign investment inflow, a stable currency and civil security that the world envies. With over 120 nationalities living here, Dubai is a cultural kaleidoscope that reflects the world. With its population growing at an exponential rate, innovative real estate solutions are more of necessity than luxury.

Even with demand growing at jet pace, the captains of the real estate arena have spared no efforts to ensure quality in the properties that Dubai offers. The aim is not only to provide superlative real estate solutions, but also to make Dubai ’s esteem rise to greater heights in the eyes of the world.

History & Legacy

The Heart of the UAE became as a marine community along either side of the Creek, an innate waterfront for sea traders, pearl divers and fishermen.Deira on the northern bank and Bur Dubai to the south are connected by a passageway and two bridges and can also be traveled to and fro by a boat taxi called abra. Bur Dubai has significant locale of old edifice, distinctive alleys and souks (markets), including the world-famous Gold Souk and the colorful Spice Souk. Enthralling glances of the past can be seen from Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum (which showcases, among other things, relics recovered from the ancient tombs at Al-Ghusais), the customary wind tower houses of the nearby Bastakiya district and, at the entrance of the Creek, you will find the marvelously renovated Sheikh Saeed’s Palace, not to mention the diving and heritage villages.

Metropolitan Society

With as much as 30 different nationalities living harmoniously in this liberal sophisticated society which copes, at the same time, in preserving the Islamic values and culture. Courteousness and warmth are among the most highly prized of merits, and tourist is sure to be charmed by the true hospitality and friendliness of the citizens.

Dubai society has a high degree of lenience for different lifestyles. Expatriates are welcome to follow their own religious conviction, alcohol is served in hotels with provision of reasonable judgment, and there is open-mindedness in the dress code. Discrimination among women is non-existent and may drive and walk around without an escort. Regardless of rapid economic development in current years, Dubai maintains its closeness to its heritage. Local citizens wear traditional clothes and headdress. Arabs’ expresses their culture and folklore through poetry, dancing, songs and traditional art. Weddings and other events are celebrated in colorful feasting and music. Customary sports such as falconry, camel racing and dhow racing at sea are continuously being practiced.

Dubai on World Map

Dubai , with an area of 3,885 square kilometers, is the second largest emirate. Located in the banks of the Dubai Creek, a natural cove from the Gulf which separates the city from Deira to its north and Bur Dubai to its south, the city positions as the UAE’s most important port and commercial centre.

Dubai is less than eight hours from Europe and the Far East . Some 80 airlines provide direct flights to more than 120 cities world wide. Well-organized immigration, baggage handling and customs procedure allows ease of travel. London is seven hours away, Frankfurt six, Hong Kong eight and Nairobi four.

Dubai Tourism

Getting There. The main gateway is Dubai International Airport , just minutes away from downtown Deira. Having undergone a US$ 540 million expansion ,this busy Middle East Passenger and cargo hub has a revolutionary new terminal and air traffic control tower, and an even larger Dubai Duty Free

The home of the award-winning national carrier Emirates, Dubai airport is served by all most all the major airlines and global alliance partners of Europe and Asia .
Airport Tel No. +971 4 2245555

Hotels & Resorts

Most of the major international hotel chains are embodied, i.e. Forte, Hilton, Hyatt, Inter-Continental, Marriott, Ramada and Sheraton. There are also top-class beach resort hotels at Jebel Ali and Jumeirah Beach Hotel and a mountain resort hotel at Hatta Fort. Confirmation of reservation by fax is essential. For more information, contact the Government of Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing.

Tourist Tips

Do not sit in such a way that the soles of your feet are pointing at someone else. In Ramadan, never eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours. Do not take photographs of military system or national women. Never drink alcohol in public. Tipping practices are similar to most parts of the world. Some restaurants include service; otherwise 10 per cent is sufficient. American Express, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard, etc are commonly accepted in the main hotels and larger shops but some retailers offer better bargains for cash. No health certificates are required for entry to Dubai , but it is always wise to check before departure, as health boundaries may vary depending upon the situation at the time.

Sight Seeing

Dubai is not a place that it is easy to explore on foot, with many of the areas of interest, such as Deira and Jumeirah Beach , located far apart. Visiting the attractions within the city centre is split mainly between the Deira and Bur Dubai flanks of Dubai Creek. Deira, on the right bank of the waterway, is the business and commercial heart of the city and is also home to the best shopping.

West from the entrance of Dubai Creek, is Jumeirah Beach, not really one beach as such but rather an extensive strip of sand tassel by waters of the Arabian Gulf . Many of Dubai’s best hotels are situated on or nearby Jumeirah Beach, including the instantly recognizable hulk of the Burj al Arab (or ‘Arab Tower’), as well as leisure amusements like Wild Wadi Water Park and the more traditional attraction of Jumeirah Mosque, which is respected by both locals and tourists alike as the most charming mosque in Dubai. One new attraction that visitors can view is the Palm Islands , the twin islands that are set to become the new spotlight of the city. Away from the city itself, further adventures await in the deserts and mountains, with wadi bashing and dune bashing jeep safaris in the mountains and deserts of Dubai both becoming increasingly famous.


Normal tourist photography is acceptable but it is considered offensive to photograph Muslim women. It is also polite to ask permission before photographing men. In general, taking photographs of government buildings or military installations is prohibited.

Tours & Safaris

Dubai offers travel aficionados the opportunity to experience unique sights and sounds. All tours and safaris are built to the highest international standards, allowing visitors to unwind in enough memories to last a lifetime. The major companies are well-equipped to provide overseas tour operators with a full destination management service covering hotel bookings, airport transfers, ground transport and a daily agenda of tours and activities with multilingual guides. They can also offer the required expertise for arranging business-related travel, including original and exciting incentive programmes. Dubai ’s tour companies offer a variety of city tours of different schedules. As the city is compact and the roads are excellent, it is possible to visit most of the city’s major landmarks and sights – as listed in the Attractions and Sights section – within a matter of hours. These would include the Creek, the souks, dhow-building yards, Sheikh Saeed’s House, the windtower houses of the Bastakiya area, Dubai Museum, Dubai World Trade Centre, Jumeirah Mosque and the striking golf courses.

Dubai Life

Shopping Paradise. Dubai is branded as the “shopping capital of the Middle East “. With so many shopping malls and souks, there’s other place to find products at unbeatable prices. It is truly a duty free shopper’s delight that gives you more for your money. Dubai ‘s numerous shopping malls service to every consumer need. Cars, haute couture clothing, jewellery, electronics, furnishing, sporting equipment, and any other goods will likely all be under the same roof. Retail prices are very affordable thanks to its open port and low import duties and the variety of products available is nearly unequaled. Free of tax, many top brand-name products are cheaper in Dubai than in their countries of origin. Products like gold and jewellery , high fashion, electronics, and carpets and handicrafts can be bought for amazing deals that are unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Shopping: Souqs of Deira

Souqs, Arabic open-air markets, have long been part of Dubai society. They open for business in the early morning and between 5 and 8pm. The Deira Covered Souq offers textiles, spices, kitchen wares, clothes and henna (used by Arab women to mark the hands and feet with painted patterns). The Spice Souq, also known as the Deira Old Souq sells trinkets, clothing, rugs and glassware. The overflowing bags of seasonings are concentrated at the eastern end, closest to Dubai Creek. Gold Souq, with its intricate wooden lattice archway and windows filled with glittering gold, attracts buyers from throughout the world. Any type of gold jewelry, in any color can be yours for a price. The Perfume Souq, with European designer fragrances and strong, spicy Arabic scents. The Electronics Souq sells low-priced electronic items. The Dubai Souq, in Bur Dubai, has been beautifully restored to appeal to tourists, but sells mostly items appreciated by the Indo-Pakistani expatriate community.

Dining Out

Dubai is an excellent place to taste all types of Gulf and Middle Eastern cuisine, including Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese. Arabian food makes up an important part of most buffet spreads. Standards of international cuisine in Dubai are high and the choice is wide. Top class European restaurants in the city’s hotels range from French to Italian, Spanish to Greek and British to German.

Asia is equally well represented with many fine Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino and Korean restaurants, as well as numerous outlets featuring cuisine from the Asian subcontinent. There are also several American and Mexican restaurants in the city, while international fast food chains are represented by such names as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Burger King, Shakey’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Wimpy’s and Hardees.


Abundant entertainment options mean you can keep discovering Dubai into the wee hours. See live music, see live DJs play music, see beautiful people dancing to the music, see people on a dance break partaking in a bit of traditional sheesha (water pipe) in a cafe .

Theme Parks

Wonderland & Splash land: Mithu, your guide and friend will take you on this trip to Wonderland- Dubai’s one and only theme park with a distinctive Caribbean setting. Step into Wonderland and you step into a world of fun and fantasy – with rides and slides, eats and treats, games and spectacular shows for the entire family. Splashland has unique water rides to keep you cool and laughing. For rates, and other details, call (9714) 341222

Wild Wadi Water Park : Wild Wadi is a playground of incomparable pleasure, where guests are swept from delight to wonder and where excitement flows upon excitement. Wild Wadi is a place for children to enjoy the world of waterborne fantasies, and for adults to experience again the joys of the child within. Situated adjoining to The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, twenty minutes drive from the airport and the bustling modern city of Dubai . For more information, please call (+9714)348 4444.

Sporting Facilities

Dubai has been acknowledged as the number one golf destination worldwide, by the International Golf Tour Operators Association. The Emirates Golf Club, Dubai , which opened in 1988, was the first grass golf course in the Gulf. In addition, there is also the Abu Dhabi Golf Club (whose facilities include two 18-hole grass courses and a floodlit driving range), Dubai Creek Golf Club and the Nad Al Sheba Golf and Racing Club.

Sailing and windsurfing are popular around Dubai and boats are available for hire. Dubai bodies of water is considered among the best areas in the world for diving. There are sub-aqua clubs in main centres and an extensive range of equipment is available for hire. Swimming is possible in the many hotel pools or beaches. There is a wealth of game fish in the Gulf. Fully-equipped boats with crew can be hired from the Jebel Ali Hotel marina for deep-sea fishing trips. Boat, camel and horse races are also held at various race tracks. Football has become more popular and can be seen in most large towns and there are three thriving rugby clubs in Dubai . Falconry is extremely popular among Arabs.


The Grand Mosque in Bur Dubai dwells on the city’s tallest minaret. It might appear to be a beautiful example of restoration work, but was actually built in the 1990s in the style of the Grand Mosque, which dated from 1900 but was demolished to give way to another mosque in 1960. The new Grand Mosque’s sand-colored walls and wooden shutters unify perfectly with the surrounding old quarter of Bur Dubai.

Located on Al Jumeirah Road this mosque is an example of modern Islamic architecture. The beauty of the mosque, the city’s largest, is seen at its very best particularly during sunset, when the subtle light reflects its artistry into relief. The mosque is one of the most visited and photographed sights. Tours are at 10am every Sunday and Thursday mornings. For Tour information, contact the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, office timings is from 8am to 3pm, Sat-Wed. Tel: 3447755.


The UAE offers an educational system for both boys and girls from primary level to university, with education for the country’s citizens being provided free through government schools, colleges and universities. There is also an extensive private education sector with a record of around 40 per cent of the student population.

More than half a million students are now at school or in college, while thousands of students, on both sexes, are pursuing courses of higher education abroad at Government expense.

Education from primary to secondary level is universal and necessary and literacy rates are similar to the standards in developed countries. An adult illiteracy programmed conducted in association with the UAE Women’s Federation is helping to eliminate illiteracy among the older members of society. There is a strong concentration on computer literacy and on English language teaching in higher education to prepare young Emirates with the essential skills. State-funded educational opportunities in the UAE have flourished since the establishment of the Federation when only a tiny minority of the population had access to formal education. A comprehensive free education system is now available to all students, male and female. At the start of the 1999/2000 academic year, 336,135 students enrolled in over 640 government schools throughout the country. Considerable progress has also taken place in the private sector which accounts for nearly 40 per cent of the student population at kindergarten, primary and secondary level. In addition the UAE’s youth have ready admission to higher education, both federally-funded and at the many internationally accredited private institutions that are being established throughout the UAE. Generous grants are also available for those wishing to study abroad.