The property in Dubai is more in demand than ever before, so much, that it has become the most talked about real estate market in the world. As the demand for the properties rise in Dubai, we can see that all that has been done has not only increased the number of choices available but has put a constant appreciation in Dubai as a market. So in the mind of the buyer the value is not just the house or apartment that he/she is buying but also the aspect that the new developments are for the privileged ones. The people want to invest to become the proud owner of one of the most desirable projects in the region.

The market is highly competitive and it’s very difficult to differentiate one project from the other in terms of the offering being made although some projects that we came across have left an impression. But most important is the financial aspects of the project and the payment plans offered as these will be at the end the winning factor for a successful conclusion.

Company Profile

Al Manal Development was founded by Mr. Juma Al-Ghurair, and has an excellent experience in property development including retail, offices and residential leasing since 1991. In 2005 Mr. Juma Al-Ghurair decided to launch a new division of existing business to concentrate wholly in the property development / market investment and formed Al Manal Development.

Al Manal Development has all the necessary experience in order to expand locally as well as internationally, in a very stable ratio of development taking in the eye of consideration our clients relationship management. Since our clients are our most valuable assets our aim is to develop the world class properties employing the best of resources.

Vision :
To be recognized and desirable partner, known for excellence of its quality of services, good and fair relation with tenants and committed to safeguard the interest of its key investors.

Mission : 
As a vertically integrated property management, an influential player in the Real State market in United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries, we are committed to working towards continuous upgrading of our business and quality of our projects and services with the aim to value for life.

Mr. Juma Al Ghurair

Mr. Juma Al Ghurair


Chairman’s Message

Al Manal Development was established to operate at the forefront of the development and investment industry in the UAE and the region.

We will develop and construct a portfolio of unique, impressive, spectacular and prestigious developments, throughout the United Arab Emirates and across the region.

As a company, we pride ourselves on professional ethics, innovative property solutions and environmental sensitivity – as well as on our role as a servant of the community of large. At the heart of our vision is our underlying commitment to provide first class developments for our occupiers

We are determined to fulfill our goals and ambitions to create distinctive and iconic developments that will stand proudly against any in the world. To this end, we are willing to announce several major developments.

We have many more developments in the pipeline and much to announce in the future but for now let us celebrate the emergence of our vision and the enthusiasm with which we shall bring it to fruition.

Our Management

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Muhammad Shabbar

HR & Admin Manager

Email : mshabbar@manal-me.com

Adnane Bensekhria

Leasing Manager

Email: adnane@manal-me.com

Mashkoor Ahmed

Manager Finance & Accounts

Email: mashkoor@manal-me.com

Yousef Mansour Al Tatar

Assistant Leasing Manager

Email: ym@manal-me.com